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At Farsite, we’re as unique as the data we analyze. That’s because Farsite is a group of data scientists with all kinds of backgrounds and specialties. We joined forces to do something different: improve the customer experience for brands across retail, financial, and consumer packaged goods.

What we do

We know that the key to unlocking business growth is connecting the dots between your business, data, and the customer journey.

We use advanced analytics to predict what will delight your customer, increase overall sales and provide a consistent experience across all channels.

Where we play



Retailers are often constrained less by the quantity of data they have, and more by their ability to leverage it to understand customers. Farsite helps retailers mine their own data and advanced analytics to proactively target customers in a personalized way. With these insights, retailers can begin to convert competitors’ customers, target new customers, upsell, and retain existing customers.

At Farsite, we’ll help you:

  • Transform an ‘as-is’ customer experience into an exceptional customer experience
  • Forecast consumers’ needs/demand for the market
  • Match your product/merchandise mix to your consumers’ needs
  • Position your brand to take share from your competitors
  • Leverage customer and prospect information to better serve customers
  • Reduce complexity in the customer experience to create a simple and efficient purchase path
  • Make your organization and information more transparent to your customers, so you can focus on anticipating and answering consumer needs and how best to delight their customers

Farsite’s client solutions

  • Demand Forecasting (Market and Consumer)
  • Merchandise Mix and Match to Location/Consumer Demand
  • Marketing Optimization
  • Predictive Forecasting
  • Test and Learn Programs
  • Problem Analysis
  • Strategic Consulting

Financial Services

Financial Services

Consumers’ needs for financial services evolve as they progress through life—from single, young adults to retired grandparents. Financial service providers who take a holistic view of these life cycles can up-sell and cross-sell services more successfully.

At Farsite, we can help you leverage advanced analytics to segment and understand customers so that your financial recommendations feel more customized. Best of all, your customers will see you as a trusted advisor.

At Farsite, we’ll help you:

  • Find opportunities with existing or prospective customers
  • Predict risk factors for customer loss
  • Create a central view of customers across channels
  • Forecast and anticipate customer needs based on life cycle events and changes

Farsite’s client solutions:

  • Customer Integration
  • Risk Mitigation
  • What-if Scenario Planning
  • Marketing Allocation
  • Predictive Forecasting
  • Problem Analysis
  • Strategic Consulting

Consumer Packaged Goods

Consumer Packaged Goods

Consumer packaged goods firms (CPGs) sometimes fight an uphill battle when it comes to understanding their customers. Often, it’s because CPGs have limited access to their end customers—so they keep customer information safely guarded.

At Farsite, we can help you take a holistic view of their own data to gain a deep understand of your customers and the retailers who sell your products. Once you do, you’ll be equipped to better anticipate the market and capitalize on demand.

At Farsite, we’ll help you:

  • Map consumer demand to merchandise mix by retailer
  • Leverage advanced analytics to forecast and react to your current modular within various retailers
  • Accurately forecast demand for your brands and products
  • Use advanced analytics to problem solve when issues arise
  • Utilize trade and marketing dollars to grow sales
  • Determine appropriate levels of spend to attract the most consumers

Farsite’s client solutions:

  • Demand (Market and Consumer) Forecasting
  • Marketing and Trade Dollars Optimization
  • Modular and Retailer Analytics
  • Test and Learn Programs
  • Predictive Forecasting
  • Problem Analysis
  • Merchandise Mix Match to Location/Consumer Demand
  • Strategic Consulting

Our Process


what’s possible

The Farsite Lab helps businesses see opportunities to improve their customer journies in a holistic way.


the future

Advanced analytics create actionable insights that improve the consumer experience and overall business metrics.


to improve business

Custom applications enable users make better business decisions—to respond proactively and deliver to consumers.





Collaborative Quotient

Your (CQ) is a measure of how equipped your organization is to anticipate and delight consumers with an exceptional customer experience. It’s our guide for advanced analytics to uncover and capture growth opportunities in the marketplace.

Meet Farsite

Michael Gold

Michael leads Farsite and also oversees business development and partner relations. Michael has a bachelor’s degree in classics from the University of Michigan and a master’s degree in history from the University of Minnesota. Michael also has an MBA from Fisher College of Business at The Ohio State University. He has worked as a White House Intern in the Office of Public Liaison Business Affairs Desk, and also for SmartBrief, a Washington-DC based start-up that publishes daily B2B news briefs.

Kim Rayburn

Kim has 25+ years of experience with senior roles as Managing Director at Philips Electronics/Philips Design, CFO, COO and Co-Owner of a design research firm and President of a WPP agency. Kim’s background spans across research, consulting, product development, finance, retail, manufacturing (CPG) and design. Kim is all about ‘the Consumer’ and helps companies include ‘the Consumer’ into everything they do. Kim has spoken at NRF’s BIG Event, GlobalShop, the MPA (Magazine Publishers Assoc), the PMA (Promotion Marketing Association) and she has lived, worked and spoken around the world on the above-stated topics. Kim has also written articles about research and design featured in magazines including Innovation Magazine (IDSA), Stores Magazine and Furniture Today, Platt Institute and the IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau).

Ryan McClarren

Ryan’s role with Farsite is to take the totality of data science and statistics and guide our data science teams to create insight for your high-consequence decisions.

Originally in high-performance computation for nuclear engineering application, he earned his undergraduate degree and PhD from the University of Michigan. Due to the stochastic nature of many nuclear processes, Ryan naturally began working in statistics, at first in Monte Carlo simulations. While at Los Alamos National Laboratory and as a faculty member at Texas A&M University, Ryan became a recognized expert in statistical methods for quantifying and reducing uncertainty in computer simulations.

Jim Kilgore

As Senior Program Manager at Farsite, Jim’s role is to keep our focus on the short-term – keeping all our client projects on track - all to make sure Farsite delivers the best insights on-time for our clients. Jim has worked with a wide range of companies and industries, from a private research think tank to a Fortune 100 financial services enterprise, with experiences in higher education, publishing, and retail energy marketing in between. He is comfortable collaborating in the boardroom or brainstorming at the coffee shop with startups.

While earning his MBA and BSBA in Marketing at Western Carolina University, Jim won their first “Battle of the Bands” contest playing lead guitar. In his spare time, Jim still enjoys playing the guitar, dining out at great local restaurants with his family, and cycling the back roads of central Ohio.

We help clients answer questions like:

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Do you leverage data to improve your customers’ journey?
Do you use advanced analytics to make better business decisions?

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